Illustrative concept image of the developing design proposals for Carlton Vale Boulevard.
This view is from the eastern entrance of South Kilburn Open Space looking west along Carlton Vale towards Malvern Road


GM Design Associates Limited has been appointed by Brent Council to lead a multi-disciplinary Design Team of specialist consultants to develop proposals for the regeneration of Carlton Vale, South Kilburn. The Design Team are currently developing the Concept Design proposals for Carlton Vale Boulevard which is being delivered as part of Phase 3b of the South Kilburn Regeneration Programme. The Consultation Period, commencing in Winter 2020 and concluding in Spring 2021, will be an opportunity to meet the team, have your say and provide feedback. The intention is to commence the Construction works in the Summer / Autumn of 2021 with completion in Winter 2022.

project overview

The Regeneration of South Kilburn is a fifteen year programme that is approximately half way through delivering over 2,400 new high quality homes, new and improved open spaces and public realm, retail, education and health facilities. 

The proposals for this project are for the revitalisation of Carlton Vale to create a vibrant Boulevard with improved transport links, lighting, street furniture and artwork. This green spine will focus on improving the health and well-being of residents and will also deliver improvements to air quality, sustainable drainage solutions and increased biodiversity.  Carlton Vale Boulevard will be bound by Queens Park station in the west and the junction of Kilburn Park Road on Carlton Vale in the east.

3D project flyover

Carltonvale Boulevard

masterplan context 

The 2016 South Kilburn Masterplan Review defined 8 principles for the South Kilburn Regeneration. Carton Vale Boulevard, is principle number one and is an integral element that acts as a Public Realm and Green Infrastructure spine that interconnects the emerging sites to the surrounding context.

For further details on the Masterplan for South Kilburn and current developments, please click here:

historical context 

Carlton Vale runs through South Kilburn, which was developed as a Victorian neighbourhood in the mid 1850s. The 1896 map below clearly shows Carlton Vale as a Tree lined Boulevard and we feel this map represents a good manifesto to move forward from. It is our aim to re-introduce this Boulevard and to reconnect Carlton Vale with the surrounding communities.

The historic maps below show the evolution of Carlton Vale through the years.  ​ Carlton Vale is indicated with the blue line in the top row of maps. The 1896 map shows a network of terraced streets connecting to Carlton Vale, which functioned as a local commerce street. During the 1950s and 60s the area was subject to a number of comprehensive masterplans and slum clearance and construction of a large number of high rise residential blocks, such as the Peel Centre. Unfortunately, the historic street pattern connecting to Carlton Vale has almost completely gone, which by 1991 had resulted in a Carlton Vale being disconnected from its surroundings.

The lower row of maps show how the street network surrounding Carlton Vale has evolved over the years and the impact of the gyratory (to the west) and a flyover at Kilburn Park Road (to the east) have integrated which have affected the traffic flow through the area.

Carlton Vale today

The following photographs, taken in October 2020 show the existing site conditions of Carlton Vale. The street has good connections into the local open spaces and communities but is dominated by vehicle traffic with limited space available for pedestrians and cyclists. 

project timeline

The outline timescales for the Carlton Vale Boulevard Project are as follows:

● Design Period: November 2020 - Spring 2021
  ● Consultation Events & Workshops: December 2020 - Early Summer 2021 
  ● Start on Site: Early 2022 
  ● Completion on Site: Early 2023

 Please note that these dates are indicative and subject to change

development location

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